Think Fit @ ALA & Green Efforts

Think Fit @ ALA is our health and well-being initiative with a focus on both personal health and environmental awareness. As sustainability and "green" efforts are increasing throughout the events and hospitality industry, we should "think fit" to minimize our negative impact on the environment and work toward greater sustainability.

We encourage everyone to keep an eye out for the environmentally friendly activities that ALA and our vendors, exhibitors, and other partners have developed.


What you can do as an attendee:

  • Download the ALA Mobile App.
  • Bring your own reusuable mug or water bottle for beverages - or buy one at the ALA Store!
  • Look for the convention center's recycling bins when throwing away trash.
  • Reuse your conference bags for groceries and other shopping, or when you travel, to cut down on paper or plastic bags.
  • Participate in your hotel's green initiatives, such as the cards to opt out of daily linen changes, and paperless check-in/check-out options.
  • Remember, downloading the ALA Conference App means we use less paper!